Symfony2 Developer

About Me

Hello I'm Mateusz Dołęga, an enthusiast of the Internet.
A technical consultant on the integration of the Internet systems.
A designer, an active observer of Service & User experience.
An advanced programmer of object PHP, MySQL, Zend and Symfony2.
Some people call it Full Stack Developer. I preffer backend technologies.

Gained experience with the clients while working for many years as an associate and a manager of a Marketing Agency, which implements projects in the following fields: Events, BTL and Interactive. The co-founder of, which uses community mechanisms of the systems for providing services online for sports facilities.

Participated in the MTB marathons, every year runs 42 195 m in a chosen marathon. Loves travelling in South-East Asia.
Drinks black coffee without sugar.

What Can I Do for You?

I’m advising!

If you have a good idea and financing but lack the experience in running a business online, you’d like to know where to start and what building blocks you need. I’ll gladly utilize my knowledge and experience to help you before it’s too late.

I’m working!

More than 10 years worth of work and hundreds of completed projects. I’m working with startups and corporate solutions. I’ve been working as a graphic designer, project engineer, architect, webdeveloper, programmer, producer and a manager. I’m building and I know how to build a proper project from A to Z. Your team needs my experience. You’re welcome!

I’m putting out fires!

If your Internet product is in trouble, the team you’ve hired doesn’t meet deadlines one after another, and the product quality is far from what you’re expecting. I’ll help you make your business right. Shoot me a message now!

Hire me!


Feel free to email me now!